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Seeking Fair Treatment

Isaac Law Offices, LLC, serves the needs of clients throughout Connecticut who want to be treated fairly by their insurance companies. People spend years paying premiums to their insurance companies. An insurance policy is a promise to help in times of need. We help our clients compel their insurance companies to honor their promises.

Committed To Honesty And Accuracy

Our attorneys serve our clients' needs in a wide variety of disputes concerning insurance coverage. When insurance companies deny or mishandle our clients' claims, we use our detailed and candid assessment of the insurance policies, the insurer's conduct, laws applying to the circumstances, and our experiences and knowledge to protect our clients. Our legal team knows how the insurance industry works in the real world. We help clients with:

We have been successfully challenging insurance companies and their positions for over 35 years. But sometimes the insurance company is right. Sometimes we cannot overturn harmful insurance terms or laws.

If our lawyers do not believe that we can help you, we say so. Let us bring you our best efforts, our considered opinions, our extensive experiences and contacts in the industry to address your concerns.

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